Sante Adairius Birdsong Platitudes: I’m sick of writing all these boring ass gushing reviews.

Guys listen, I realize this @rusticales content isn’t fun to read, it’s usually just soup to nuts praise for some fucking club only 600 bottle shit: I GET IT. They aren’t fun to write either, it’s a certain calculated vulnerability where I have to maintain some modicum of journalistic beertegrity but somehow provide levity. The two poles work against one another and as a result Sara beer reviews are the least hilarious simply because tipping my cap to phenomenal, complex, nuanced eucalyptus and meringue bangers isn’t fun to read. The counterpoint to that is that tiresome cringey DDB knockoff shit that leverages disingenuous hyperbole. That’s worse.

So let’s get to it: this beer is absolutely phenomenal and marries the intense depth of gin massaging that only @uprightbrewing can seem to nail but pair it with a radiant Zomer Clover that @hillfarmstead peddles. It’s herbal and jasmine, Meyer lemon, pineapple chobani and crushed velour mouthfeel. Vicks vapor rub and fume blanc rubbed all over my stretch marks. I don’t see how SARA can improve upon this but jesus if people would shut the fuck up about Recency Effect, then we shall see. I love it when breweries are compelled to only fight within their own canon, that Michael Haneke shit,

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