Sante Adairius Beneath the Waves is everything that is wrong with beer

@rusticales has this pension for releasing incredible, subtle gems and then dropping them silently on the SARA cellar members. It’s brett L Powerade, with a slightly brackish underpinning like they balanced the tangelo and the electrolytes. Tangerine zest and an almost grisette type of structure make this bottle not long for this world, terminated without appeal like a domestic auto assembly worker. Invariably someone will open this lightly Briney creamy delight and then LOL at the prospect of trading it away for a non barrel aged Coldstone stout. What then happens is this feedback loop of silence where this musky, balanced, Orval meets @jesterkingbrewery Snorkel just gets decimated by the same fortunate people who are in the SARA club in the first place. It’s the clearest example of furtive consumption over maxxx profitzzz that you can imagine and it happens over and over, ask anyone about Mf Choom, or To the Choir, or Stenciled Pages. More recently the Recency Effect, these Sara assholes are actually drinking these beers and they are way out of step with the times. Pretty disappointing tbh, they could be drinking a Henna and they don’t even realize it.

Why even seek out a beer that you yourself can finish and drill without elaborate fanfare and pics of your meniscal pours? Who then can validate your personal experience? Beers like this are half broken because if no one else can validate you the whole social media component of beer enjoyment is gone. That’s like at least half of what tasting beer should be.

Further problematic SARA has expressed their disapproval at secondary sales and raffles. That just means now there is no hard dollar figure that you can throw in people’s faces when you talk about this beer. I want my step uncle feeling PRIVILEGED that I would open a “$223 secondary sale beer” with him so he can quantify at the outset how much he should appreciate me even letting him try it. But no, thanks to stupid ass Sante Adairius this beer has to stand on its own merits on like, how it tastes. Thanks for nothing now I have to drink all these by myself.

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