Homage Brewing made a Flanders red and they continue to dominate the North American wallonian swerve

Flanders reds are a really tough style to hit. You have to massage things to get out of the sickening sweet cherry and red grape sweetness, or if you don’t get enough wood n wild culture you end up with a trifling Amber with a sun roof. If ou go too apeshit you get an acetone Korean nail salon disaster like some of those highly questionable oud bruins from the later @thebruery canon. This however threads the needle magnificently in the way that @caseybrewing and @hillfarmstead does with Norma. Sadly it doesn’t hold true to the truly Rodenbachy sort of classicism. It engages in Flanders-adjacent behavior and comes away stellar in that way that @embracethefunk is the absolute champion of the Flanders realm. @homagebrewing continues to excel in the wild and saison realm in a way that hasn’t impressed me as a newcomer since the old @sideprojectbrew days. They continue to slay, albeit within a samey segment. The frothy pillowy sustain and sheeting lacing buttress the light grapefruit and brett L aspects of this beer. I don’t care if their Hop game isn’t mind blowing, they could crush the game just raising A frames and decking out farm houses.

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