Tipga Sequoia just set forth its magnum opus, morning rush. It swings on the biggest in this flapjack segment.

Fresno summer swallowed us whole, we waited for @tiogasequoia to come out, sound from sources hits close to home. It’s been a series of steps and evolutions but god damn if this isn’t the pinnacle of what they are capable of and it is staggering in nuance, poise, and complexity. Understand how hard this is to achieve in an IHOP cunnlingus genre of flapjacks and short stacks. The blend, the barrel presence, the restrained body coupled with the absolutely massive single origin Ethiopian[?] profile, pour over on the nose and a faintly acidic deeeep roast on the swallow like toasted pumpernickel. The maple is this knowing overseer like a janitor in a John Hughes movie, silently supportive without directing the action. The carb is a touch lacking and it fizzles away leaving a sort of tepid Dr Pepper mouthfeel, which would be my main neg to this absolute stunner. The finish has such a piledriver of v60 and almond roca from the barrels that you don’t miss the heft or viscosity from more excessively flabby entries. I absolutely urge you to seek this out, it is simply phenomenal and those stoic sun scorched fog soaked people in Fresno need your support, they live a life of crushing dry cold and half the year in triple digit punitive subsistence. You wouldn’t wish the 559 life on your least favorite high school teacher. From Central Valley pain, greatness is derived.

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