Noe Booker little book b1, a sweet lil high proofed heater

Most bottle shops have largely opposed the dreaded 2017 Bookers price hike, either because blue gill and prior dumps are dumping it up on shelves, or pure cask strength zfg. As a result I usually don’t see the”new” Bookers releases until well after they roll out, so one thing we def need to sit next to the other heretofore unsold $120 knob creek single barrel expressions, is another $80 Beamium product. Please read the foregoing with a touch of fusel heat because I love Noe and the Bookers canon, but this is an odd decision. Instead of the 127 pf 6-7 year cask of Bookers we get this odd merger of four casks. A few pearly precum droplets of 13 year-old corn whiskey (aged in used barrels), 4 year-old bourbon, and rye and malt whiskey each aged about 6 years. On paper sounds like a merger of oddball PHC casks, but it somehow works. This is essentially Bookers with leather interior that warrants the extra $20. It is sweeter, stickier, candy corn and molasses on the nose, smells much younger than even regular ass bakers, but the mallow tempers the heat and the 120pf is entirely manageable like the accounting department during Xmas layoffs. The taste is less dry and more drinkable than the sum of its casks and imparts a faint sugar daddy and werthers closing with a long ass drag of hot tamales and red hots. If you enjoyed oven buster from a couple years ago, this is similar to that but with a Frosted Flakes milk swallow to it. I took this to a family gathering and those savages drank half the bottle. Everyone learned the true meaning of Kentucky xmas.

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