Katy in cans is crushable portable rustic convenience

First @crookedstave tosses St. Bretta in cans and shattered the pre-2013 beer timeline then even more incredible, complex beers continue to enter the fold. 2017 saw fucking HF and now Katy in cans. It’s never a better time to enter craft beer and be completely blind to the advances in the past half decade. Intensely clean and drinkable brett saisons you can take to a fucking preschool holiday recital. Light creamy wheat, lemon and slight brett L musk “BECASE THE BRETT MAKES SOUR” type of shit. The mouthfeel and carb needs some tinkering but I’m assuming out of the can it wouldn’t be an issue. Five years ago people were still entering raffles for a non ba stout aged on port spirals, now we have god tier ba beers just turding it up joosebois are drinking melted popsicles. What a time to be alive.

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