Seven stills just stretched their game with a thicker hoppy plug

Eight. Parts. Per million: UNACCEPTABLE. One part per trillium: UNACCEPTABLE. Eight lbs per barrel: danky kang. This is absolutely bizarre and perhaps I should have altered my expectations but @sevenstills a spot I know as predominately a distillery just dropped this high quality eggdrop soup. It is legit delicious and creamy and the 8lbs must have went all whirlpool and dry hopping because it is intensely aromatic and has this fantastic peach and mandarin orange with very low pine or zested bark tonez. Maybe I should have given them the benefit of the doubt but this is far better than expected and starts throwing Floribama haymakers against the more well known entries in this segment. I particularly enjoyed the weird peach jolly rancher meets arugula to the swallow. Wowza. 🍑 🐛

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