2nd shift brewing gives little in the way of fucks, cans for everyone

Man, I never thought we would get to the point where those top notch fermentation fingerers, @2ndshiftbrewing was just putting that musky lil Katy in cans Zfg. Haze cans and other Danky treats without lines or raffles or Bed and Breakfast trips, what even is this? They better wax some of these cans and make them onsite only to attract StL profit lords, husky dipshits with green visors and adding machines predicting the arc of Cat Spit cans like some malty bit coins. We are in a blessed time when the shadow from a monolith attracting rapacious fucks provides the most fertile soil for incredible beers silently bubbling under the water table. Subterranean and pure, salt rings on a well worn Cardinals new era hat preventing hype blindness. I fuxx w 2nd.

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