Horus and Sandcity cast their dad hats into the haze ring with Up the Beach

Pre-set whipticks. Gonna run a lil ten min stand up set at Haha Cafe to start dialing in my opening monologue for next month’s ddb comedy show [information redacted until event details posted by the brewery] this @horusagedales is pretty solid, @sandcitybrewery has this controlled wrist on the boil hop, and floppy wristed on the dry hop like some offensive 90s homosexual stereotype. It sticks the landing albeit a touch watery in the body with a tangelo and chard, arugula with mandarin on the swallow. A touch below the best of the best but runs in the same realm as your pick of the best second tier Fremont/Brew Gentleman/Narrow Gauge slurry ipas. Very good albeit not paradigm shifting, what ezra pound would deem reactionary in scope of the haze innovation pending in Torrance and Treehouse. Still quality aserose art, if not sublime.

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