Ale Apothecary batch 200 takes smoked apple sahalie to crazy new heights

Some @shaunehill meets @anthonyjsorice fusion up in this bitch. @thealeapothecary can swerve all over the place and Paul is the American Dany Prignon in that when his bottles hit, it’s not some stand up double, it’s going way out of the saison park. This is one such bottle, the apple cider profile chokes up and immediately makes contact, the acidity never goes overboard and even at lower temps the gumline is left unmolested. It improves as it warms, this jazz apple and golden delicious aspect masks the abv flawlessly. There’s a musky fume bland dryness to it that hits the cyber nos and you get a Granny Smith meets white grape swallow. With all the weird components it somehow stitched them together into this technicolor pressdown dreamcoat. From the newest round of AA club bottles this is one you should absolutely seek out, it’s triple digit release and core puckering price notwithstanding.

One thought on “Ale Apothecary batch 200 takes smoked apple sahalie to crazy new heights

  1. Well posed: Anti-Oedipus could be the ultimate explanation of our sick hobby. (Or maybe the Old Testament; I’ll take the reference to Joseph’s coat as a nod.) Thanks for all you do to reinforce this libidinous investment. (Please note the lack of griping about the lack of narrative in this comment.)

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