Goose island keeping ddb in barrels and furs

Goose Island sent me this bcbw for WRITTEN REVIEW PURPOSES ONLY. So this bottle will receive an extremely favorable review, obvi. I have already purchased my own BCBW for attention seeking bullshit video purposes, which is separate and distinct from this $0.00 paid review. The bcbw I muddle with Good n Plenties is NOT this bottle, as this is the WRITTEN IMPRESSIONS bottle. Receiving any donation is a de facto payment and every brewery automatically receives glowing impressions, DDB IS THAT ACCESSIBLE. [fn1] Not sure how much more heavy-handed I can be with this caption. Dudes with 9th grade reading comprehension will still complain and get back to Say Cheese and Die with a furrowed brow. #barleywine #bil #barleywineislife #shitstorm

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