Who knew three floyds was capable of whipping up an incredible hef? Smashin my nanner

I’m not gonna get too crazy and say this on some @liveoakbrewing level, but god damn this is one of the best hefs that I have ever had. Like Live Oak, this transcends a usually hohum style that is a punchline to beer nerd condescension, taking it to a refreshing frothy complexity. Not just good relative to the style, exceptional when considered globally across all beers. Sure there’s some banana tonez but it’s incredibly drinkable with tempered hop profile in the distant background, lightly phenolic, and a spiced orange Julius swallow. I had like ten people tel me about this beer before trying it but this seemed wayyyyy out of the @3floydsbrewing wheelhouse, but they juiced my rind with this Bavarian banger. Absolutely grab this if possible.

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