Shocker: Jackie Os cuvée 11 is tasty and writing about it is irritating. #BIL

Mashing upstream, BIL maintains against the grain. This bottle straight up has #bil on the label and it carries that appellation fittingly. This is a weird sticky hybrid of all their other awesome life adjacent moves in the marketplace. This cuvée is not flabby at all and exhales fig pudding, raisins, Beam cask, carb is minimal but lays there like a highly competent plum escort. Swallow has a degree of raisinettes but is watery than expected and leads to dangerous “oh shit did i leave that in the freezer last night” type of malfeasance. It’s derivative to their other also amazing offerings and even sitting down to reconfirm the excellence is tiring, it’s like, fuck up more often at least @jackieosbrewery and make my life a little easier. No one is trying to read praise through gnashed teeth. #BIL

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