Jackie Os babbling brook singlehandedly has redeemed their heretofore trifling wild ale program

Dah da da dah dah da dah dah DAH DAH DA. LETS GO. It’s not easy making a name for yourself, but @jackieosbrewery has magnificently dominated the strong ale game by releasing cost effective, accessible, god tier gems spanning stouts and life adjacent barleybangers. Half a decade ago I pointed out the disparity between the likes of Oil of Aphrodite and the anomalously shitty Funky Southpaw. Over the years I outright avoided their sour program and just figured it was a case of Kuhnhenitis, it’s ok to be extremely good at one thing. You ever meet someone who is hella good at something? They’re usually unbalanced AF and ultra literal. Flash forward to present day and here’s babbling brook, a no frills ba saison. Get this: it goes in hard in the paint. Increasingly the awa acidity arms race has subverted saisons, but this subtle gem is pillowy soft, feathery lemon goose down, key lime and prickly mouthfeel. I suspect my bottle had a cap issue because some of the carb is lacking but it’s aberrant for this brewery so I dunno blame it on me I guess. The swallow has this lavender and lemon yoplait thing I enjoy. It’s this understated Nathan for You excellence that isn’t a TryHard ale that can solicit actual cringes. It’s silent and tender, prolly won’t solicit a right swipe but exists in that Coffee date realm that warms your farmhouse heart.

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