I watched Over the Top and tried to drink Ale Apothecary chenin La Tache cold.

For the steep price tag and ultra rarity, this bottle didn’t punchdown my grapes. When consumed cold the sharp acidity of this is pronounced and gumline receding, slightly buttery chard tones, French oak, a dry waxy tangerine rind closer to it like a filthier temptation. I let this sit on the counter while I watched Over the Top, trying to figure out Stallones relationship to his dying wife and his confusing son, came back an hour later. It had improved markedly when consumed at Life temps in the low 60s. Acidity gave way to more pineapple and jazz apple, oak was a sort of cidery warmth to the swallow, a totally different beer. Drank cold this was 2 arms wrestling trophies out of five. Drank more tepid it jumped to four valvoline cans out of five. I signed away the rights to custody to my child so I could arm wrestle. Everyone learned something that day.

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