Monkish red hop, no way a pale ale, just in time for a shared custody halloween

Monkish releases a pale ale today and it’s as dro g13 as can be expected from that tiny size 36 suit jacket frame: toss a lil citra Theory suit over those Seacrest shoulders and sign it up for a rhizome Zumba class. It’s delicate but I actually prefer this noncommittal structure in these wispy cream of wheat ghoulies. All the flat brimmed dudes in fourth owner WRXs seem to prefer Supreme shirts and shiftless 11%abv tipas, and sure there’s a time and place for those, just not all the time. there is a spent milk sweetness to the body that’s watery and lemony with a splash of rosemary. It’s subtle in a way that few in the hazycraze will give a shit about, which is perfectly fine by me. I didn’t even see a single pit bull or absentee parent at the tasting room today, is it even a can release at that point? Happy Halloween I GUESS 👻 

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