Let’s review three beers from Listermann, there’s nothing wrong with Ohio, except the snow and the rain

Let’s talk about some @listermannbrewing offerings and weigh these sticky Ohio treats. The ninth anniversary beer takes every page from the Jackie O’s pastry canon and dips each sheet in sticky molten milk chocolate fondue. Cinn/coffee/walnut/vanilla merges with a tight clean body but ultimately tastes like soft serve made with a coffeemate creamer underpinning. It’s not too viscously sweet, nor is it one dimensional, it’s their weird melange of contrasted flavors like a puréed Ferrero Rocher, which is fine for limited applications but ain’t nobody bringing foil balls to the movie theater. 

Inb4 potato salad pics. 

Their IPA offerings are more compelling and in line with Hoof Hearted albeit with far more poise and restraint. 99 Problems didn’t eschew boil hops but also isn’t a one dimensional apricot dry hopped NES cart. The bitter overtakes with a pithy grapefruit zest and pushes down drinkability but a lightly pulpy mouthfeel offsets this. It’s very legit if not short of the regional champions in the IPA realm. Every region seems to have one these days, except like, Florida [inb4 bulldog gentleman or whatever.] 

Sidekick photo level reaching full tater status.

finally we have a blurry potato pic of their Kopi Luwak barleywine. This beer is intense and malty with a nice bitter roast and substantial mouthfeel akin to a component blended beer from the likes of alesmith [cf. Reforged or weird Tusk and Grain items.] it is good, but Life it is not as the lifelike aspects have been scoured away in the bean washing process. I understand when breweries mash fat stacks on expensive coffee they don’t want to drop the grinds, but if the base could be anything, then the nuance is lost. The precious 60g/400g pourover ratio. Everyone has their bean flicking spot. Ultimately this is another very diverse and solid Ohio brewery that snatches at the JO realm whole outshining countless other forgettable breweries in their realm. Push me to the edge, all my stouts are dead.

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