In honor of 817 barleywine is life day ddb reviews the GOAT Kuhnhenn BBBw

In honor of 8/17 BIL day I figured what better day to pop arguably one of the greatest barleywines of all time GOat Alert 🐐 🚨: Kuhnhenn Bbbw. There’s not a ton left to say about this absolute flawless cold pressed malt juice. Some would argue that barleywine is the culmination of beer itself [lambicbros chill] and so lounging on the peak of the style itself is both dangerous and keeps you light headed. This beer is classic, insanely powerful, and timeless: the 2Jz block of the beer world. You can overclock your evening and apply all the boost in the world for maximum malty blowoff out of this bourbon waste gate. Toyota MKIV Supra references aside, this reminds me so much of that endlessly powerful and polarizing offering. It never falls in the sticky toffee sweet realm and this is the standard bearer for the excellence of what barrel aging can do to make an American Barleywine defy all preconceived notions of what that style can accomplish. It’s caramelized figs, brown sugar jansport leather, soaked deck staves, and this endless sustain of bitter bakers chocolate and cask strength wheated bourbon. It is spiritual Olestra and will clean your shit out physically and emotionally. You owe me a nine second beer.

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