Monkish Potholes and think about it, ciceralones getting slim for summer, rosè and calamari 

The Monkish unfiltered pilsner generated more buzz and sold faster than the hypeslurry IPA. The beer world is changing in a crazy fractal way that no one would have predicted years ago, part reactionary part revolutionary it is the sword of Damacles severing the hardcore nerds, but uniting those who are jaded with the neophytes. It’s like when you drive a Honda CR-X until the miles roll over and suddenly new import dudes are in love with your retrodrop. The pilsner is the razors edge of clean Ritz cracker and chivey grands biscuit but endlessly swallowable. The 2 four pack limit is almost mean spirited. It will evaporate into my liver in an ethereal fashion. The IPA is a weight reduced version of atomically that is nimble and never understand or flabs up its welcome, an Aristotelean mean between session and the sometimes theraflu crackly oily body. I can already hear dipshits complaining aborlut 1] $4 pilsner cans 2] that they work at T Mobile and can’t drop their Galaxy S invoice to attend a monkish release 3] probably some dumbfuck DMing me telling me their subjective impressions about the most accessible beer style and why I am “wrong” about their ironclad opinions having been in beer since way back when MASTERSHREDDER CAME OUT 4] rhizome pud pixxxx.

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