Elk Valley Magic Juice is pretty deece. 

@elkvalleybrew excels in the negligently canned ridiculous ba beer realm, but is their oil dab on point? This murky shatterpiece is good notwithstanding outside the realm of the god tier chowderbangers. The mouthfeel is silky with a mild arugula and tangerine but a frothy sort of expansive vape rig that’s not close to the treehouse and monkish kipping deadlifts. It’s likely the best thing Oklahoma is gonna get within a three state zone Kim Jong Un nuclear blast so termpering my “🤔great but-” needs some statements of clarity, if this is readily available then scale up my rating for sheer accessibility to quality ratio. The finish is too bitter relative to the citrus presented but it’s still pretty solid, this goes out to the fuck tickers been hating on you all summer. Hipster tickers on Instagram straight flexin. Inb4 🥔 🎥

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