Monkish water balloon fights, it’s the same amazing shit who cares 

Heeeee was a meek Hand job, this is exhausting to keep lauding praise when Monkish keeps killing everyone. I know Treehouse bruhs are already having an Infinite Jest MAltdown bc their economy is expanding and collapsing. you already know how good this is because it’s the exact same shit. They spin a RNG wheel and the. Just make s other world class dipa. So fuck them, I guess. Stop being the best. If you have the time to stand in a 90 min Tuesday afternoon line then go for it. But people folding their arms indignant as fuck offering up a barrel aged stout mad that this dipa commands crazy shit is the echo chamber of sonic youth cognitive dissonance. Both are stupid as shit. Don’t be a style elitist, and please god don’t cover barleywines. I will fuck u up

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