Homage Speaking Gently, blackberry neck kisses

Got that purpy lean in my double cup. When someone offers to hit me with something from a local spot, I always approach it with extreme derision. If I remotely appreciate anything made within a three state radius of my home draws all these wonky ass cries of Homerism. Like ddb gives a shit about yeasty geopolitics. This problem is compounded when the local brewery is actually good: there’s nothing funny about that. Who the fuck wants to dig in for some blackberry superlatives? Fuck out of here miss me with that 9min YouTube review tier shit. This is raspberry lacroix with absolutely fantastic carb, reminds me a lot of a more gentle The Purple with a smattering of Casey blackberry fruit stand: the skins buttress the minerality wih some kind of Gamay meets Rosé. I just started my period basically. Watery closer has a floral dryness like French oak and flowerbomb perfume. I don’t expect any ddb readers to have ever made it close enough to a female to know that scent. I made it through the whole bottle of lean without any Cankersores and for some acid factories fronting as American saison purveyors, not dissolving the mandible of your consumer is almost an accomplishment by default. Some GED tier dipshit here for dog memes is about to comment “to many words!!1! LOL do the pourin drain!!”

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