Fundamental Observation b3 first impressions

Alright here’s the real deal Holyfield on fob3: the nose exceeds b1 and makes b2 look tame and mildly integrated by contrast. It is chocotaco and smashed Drumstick, intense bean flicking intensifies. The body is not as viscous as b2 but nearly as thick as b1, and it shines as a result. The drag is oily and exudes crepes and a wide vibrato of skor bar and dry dark chocolate like them Trader Joe’s cash register bangers you can’t afford. It isn’t yankee candle and falls closer to Klondike bar. It comes near the peg of toasty roasted refreshment exhibited by name Vanilla Shake b1 and Vanilla eclipse if anyone is old enough to remember those.

If I had to make an arbitrary barrel assignment it feels like Blantons in execution, creamy, substantial, older than stated, but gentle. All around the edge sanding compels a tip of the trilby m’lady. I know that a less flabby stout body in beer world for basic palate dumb fucks is a flag on the field for instarones who got into craft beer under Obama’s final year and see Baigcss as a massive whale. The takeaways is that this is better than b2 markedly and almost hits b1 albeit without a massive mouthfeel, but providing a more intense nose as a tradeoff. As a result you can drink the entire bottle without a custody hearing or a meeting with ur manager at Sizzler.

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