Bottle Logic Number Crunch is great for sharing

What is the deal with number crunch? On paper it is the baller ass FO with a sun roof and leather interior, inside its super subjective. The nose is more foreboding and balanced than the straight bean bomb that is FO. In this instance I give it to FO, number cruncher is kitkat, FO is coldstone creamery. You’d expect number cruncher to be crazier but it’s actually more tame in a ricey whatchamacallit way. 

NC is more bitter and roasty but here’s the trade off, it has that slick heft of s mid west stout. If you want to do a dumbfuck 14 person share, NC will impress. And you’re dumb as dog shit. As a composite, it is worse, but if you love heft and a ride krispie aspect, then maybe you’re an instarone who will love this.

I don’t know I’m just here to pump trade values bc I desperately need more beer or whatever.

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