De Garde Nectarine Premiere batch 1 nears the pinnacle of what stonefruit wilds are capable of

This is easily one of the best beers that De Garde has ever made, I slept on this b1 for way too long. There are instances where De Garde flirts with the acetic bouncer and rolls deep in the acidity club, bottles on bottles. This is not the case with this flawless stone fruit iteration. It is concurrently thirst quenching and drying in equal measure and the 750 disappears with celerity. The carb froths out like a Bolivian foam party, glow sticks and pacifiers in tow. The waft is so quintessential that it almost feels fake, it’s too purely nectarine, distilled fragrance like those scented markers form when u were a kid and you damn near wanted to eat them all zfg. Gumline is left intact and no porcelain bridge is needed after killing this, just a tight lemon meringue drag and thin clean closer. They knocked it out of the park with this, props where it is due to them Tillamookian ballers.

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