Highland park Yes looks like total shit and out performs the best in class. Dead serious. 

Welp highland park finally did it. They released their most disgusting looking albeit best tasting beer to date: it is inverse in proportion. I make trub and cakey jokes as the day is long but look at this cup of chicken bouillon and imagine how good this has to be for me to affirm this chicanery. It’s that good. I always felt HPB played second fiddle to Tradehouse and Monkish in this orbit of Trillium proportions, allllllllmost god tier. This is the fist can I can say clears the bar and scraps with the likes of the greats: albeit disgusting looking. You know in shitty 90s coming of age movies when horny teenagers somehow don’t recognize that the art student with a banging body in paint splattered overalls and her hair up is hot? This is as unlikely. 

It is dialed in and almost forgoes the game genie crutches of excessive oat and flour, it’s clean as drops far lower than the Tired Hands foray it presents.

You see the exterior and know she has a chrono trigger save file and extensive Chuck Palahniuk fan fiction in tow. There’s depth and mirth, apricot and yard trimming bags, mint and kumquat, pitted peach and fellatio behind a Robecks dumpster: it is consensual and it works. Fine is the aesthetic stupid, yes. But at least it isn’t the opposite, some Toyota 86 that looks incredible and drives your hopes up and ends up being driven by a dental hygienist. 

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