Cellar west artisan ales Zep, so close no matter how far. Zeppelin else matters

The body and character of this is awesome, like chapter one St Bretta so delicate and the crooked stave back logs. The one thing this lacks in is a phenolic aspect that feels like a free rise gone up in the 90s that allowed the fermentation to drop out odd flavors akin to latex glove and a lemony clown balloon. It does so many things well and almost enters the casey realm on mouthfeel and structure but the fumble in the red zone is Atlanta Falcons glaring. 
But this was a limited 2pp release: crooked stave is in cans for all the nonexistent Colorado lakes. Doesn’t anyone in bolder even own a fuckin jet ski?

If you drink this at 45, it will be completely invisible but if you free rise the fuck out of the bottle and let it hit 60, it will gush and the showcase of these ultra unique hops will be dominated. This is a skilled brewery with a tactical error that ruins everything, like a fun well adjusted date who happens to be antivaxxx it just kills your entire boner. It’s too much for my tiny eraser nub.

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