Offshoot Beer co Fashionably late is a ranch dressing 42 car pileup

Man the Bruery has many facets but this shit was brutal. It’s easy in beer criticism presented for comedic intents to reach for some hyperbolic level to pull. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this tastes like ranch dressing. Hidden Valley tones off the charts. I am talking chive, shallot, touch of pepper and Parmesan: I wanted to dip my pizza in this. Reading the ingredients, I have no idea how we got into this buttermilk fantasyland. I have homebrewed almost identical neipa and never once did I want to serve it with a veggie platter. Even the mouthfeel had this creamy lingering drag to it, arugula and green onion. 

This is the type of shit Short’s would release as a novelty food beer and inevitably some dipshit coworker would come to ur cubicle since you’re their “beer friend” and tell you about this stupid shit they saw on Esquire magazine. I don’t have much else to say about this, pairs well with chicken fingers.

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