Jester King Grim Harvest is magnificently incomparable detritus 

I enjoy Grim Harvest more than Nocturne Chrysalis, more than Sherry Atrial, and it’s perhaps one of the most focused and purely enjoyably simple offerings from those hill country boys. I patently shouldn’t have a spontanboner over a stainless fermented beer made with actual garbage but here we are. It is magnificently carved and maintains a fruit profile in a way only casey or fruited floras can pull off, never too acidic but gentle enough to command your attention. A 750 leaves you longing and that’s incredibly uncommon for that acid rounds that usually light up your chest in the Borderlands, a tediore armament this is not. This is pure Red Robin lemonade mixed with sonic cherry limeade. It drinks like a table beer with cage free organic grenadine. 

Fruited pret Nats are all the rage at vapid brunches, and this validates the shit out of your empty trip to Phuket or whatever new academic hurdle your insufferable toddler just surmounted. It is an all weather beer for the bluntest and jaded palates alike. I love that dipshits sleep on the Jk750 game yet break their cocks in half for innumerable Tillmookian entries. We get the beer scene we deserve. I will be over here drinking simple, accessible, stainless, actual trash. Literally. OMG TAERYN ARE THOSE FRYE BOOTS?

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