Weihenstephaner Kristall Weizenbock, lean mean ester machine

This brewery once sent me a bottle opener with a speaker in it that would scream WHY EN SCHTEPHANNNN!! When it make contact with metal. My wife hated it. We put it in the change drawer and any time someone would open the drawer it would invariably touch a penny and you’d get a startling muffled German scream from the drawer VIIEEEEEENSCHHTEPHHHHANNNNN!!!!!


People are barely dabbling in the weizenbock world let alone that Kristall swagger. So obscure this is but if you are like me you have a secret throbber for classic Vitus, then this goes even deeper with the clean filtering and fining for a look that is as gorgeous as polished brass. With the malty profile dialed back comes an awesome hat trick of sorts where they take a beer with body dysmorphia and it outperforms hulking giants. The esters pump banana and cornbread, tapioca, nutmeg and yellow runts. Hops are restrained and come across as a light bittering akin to Earl Grey and compliments this endlessly crushable beer. It’s like when car companies release a “track package” where they took Vitus and removed the back seat and air conditioning. It’s crazy nimble and has a staggering back palate drag relative to the watery body. I don’t often get to praise beers for their restraint and poise but, this is exceedingly approachable and concurrently complex. Brb gna mash my nanner right quick 

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