Tombstone sour wheat, Arizona got to be starting something

Tombstone sour wheat is one of those anomalous anti marketing gimmicks that is greater than the message it purveys. This isn’t sour and it isn’t especially wheat laden either but it’s a solid entirely crushable driller with a sort of cut melon and Riesling from the barrels. The nose is like challah and almond butter and what I initially felt was DMS but it gave way to a green table grape that was actually really subtle and well done, almost like those wax bottles with juice in them. It felt like a less forceful, muted version of HF shelf saisons, just absolutely crushable without active reflection. The swallow reminds me of that weird waxy birthday cake sprinkle that is sweet but drying concurrently. I can’t make heads or tails as to how this brewery does this but it’s god damn entertaining seeing what they are up to.

Down side: this beer looks way more boring next to my shitty toaster. Plus that wren cross marketing, I am tryna start this AZ brewery war that will never kindle. Those assholes are too nice to one another.

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