Highland Park Brewing Somewhereness with Holly Cherry, OH GREAT YET ANOTHER HOLLY CHERRY pLAMBIC

Highland Park is getting into the sponfermPlambicParkingLotPajotenLand game. The good outweighs the bad with the Brett B musk, weird cave aged cheddar and Granny Smith apple, kumquat and lemon zest. But this is drier than a Faulty Towers marathon. Not excoriatingly so, but the bicuspids are not left unmolested. I don’t put Holly Cherries in my amazon fresh basket so I don’t know if this is a fruit additive issue or if the post ferm base beer was just this acidic, since they didn’t let me hit it raw dog I can’t say. In sum, this is in the upper middle tier of a catalog teeming with good stuff.

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