Newest batch of parabola is the worst yet, barely better than almost every other stout.

This is easily the shittiest vintage of Parabola to date, even the alleged “hot” 2012 batch. It is [comparatively] thin, bitter, almost like an astringent extract like overstepped coffee, but with a gentle and tasty caramel drag like rolos to the swallow. When I qualify a “relatively shitty” parabola, read that to mean, barely world class. It’s still very good, but just a resounding disappointment within its own pedigree. It’s like the youngest son who went to a Montessori school, majored in Celtic studies, goes to burning man and builds fixies with a welders license. Sure it’s kinda impressive but mostly just a complete disappointment for everyone involved. If parabola had a girlfriend she would be explaining away the composting and irritating leather murse. Sure the unitiated will right swipe for this parabolas vapid Coi fish tattoo and saddening lack of depth. But it’s still smashes on the reg and goes in hard. Like you think about the other impressive hard science major parabolas getting shit done with crazy barrel complexity and this parabola is talking about starting a pickling co-op and moving to Austin. It’s fine but, I miss b3.

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