Holy Mountain Biere De GARDE, Peter North gush sesh

This beer gushed like a lonely woman after a successful tinder date. Thankfully, the end result was worth the Gallagheresque pageantry. This can stand squarely with the likes of Norma, Casey, and BFM ADSBC in that complex, robust and most importantly “not red wine vinegar” realm of BdGees. The gentle malty profile has a red grape and plum aspect with veins of vanilla and sandalwood pulsing through the mouthfeel. The acidity stays far from the realm of Aquanet but also doesn’t phone in some grenadine aspect either. 

Carb is, excessive as hell. They took a page from Logsdon on this one and I lost a third of the bottle. Oh well, I knew it was coming and I do naked diamond push ups on my front deck to prepare for days like these. This style receives no love and I hope it continues to stay that way. Ddb has so precious few spaces upon which to retreat with Megaballer locusts rapaciously devouring the simple verdant countryside.

At this rate dortmunders will be the only beer that doesn’t cost $120 secondary by 2020.

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