Perennial Maman, god damn it. This is an all motor stunner.

I know I am an EBT tier ticker with this b2 but god damn this is phenomenal. For Perennial to demonstrate their range with an all motor no adjunct firework show is extremely telling. I initially had reservations when the coating was some Sherwood Williams massive; I expected pure sugar. It has a syrupy heft above Huna and on the lines of bourbon ba Dark Lord except actually delicious. It is hulking and expansive and oddly fusel given the relative abv. 

However, this drink has insane depth and attention to detail. There’s roast and tobacco, earl grey and leather, a highly restrained profile. Despite the expansive gurgling body, it remains drinkable and side by side with regular ass Huna, it was saddening. This purity in execution is a testament to a brewery rooted in hypebeating Supreme one off adjunct sneakers. They make Rag and Bone, Theory shit too I guess. Anyone sleeping on this shit needs to stop crushing up that syrupy ambien.

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