The answer Brew Pub, larceny triple Citra dry hopped

The answer brew pub larceny is my favorite beer from them and it is direct, focused, pure old school boner jams 2011. There’s a solid thoracic spine with sticky crystal vertebrae, the cervical is stacked grass and lichen and arugula; there’s a radicular aspect that radiates down with waves of lemon and grapefruit froyo. It isn’t Founders bitter with gross honeycomb, but it isn’t straight apricot with water backing. This threads the needle amiably with this weird “no obama second term” realm where the flourIPAs never existed. But then. Shit I can’t even imagine those parallels.

So you take an old school design, then dry hop it Aggro like a new wave aromatic WMD. So in a weird wave of fate; this is innovative by way of this Ezra Pound “synthesis of work.” It’s really tasty.

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