[redacted] Grimmace, McDonalds is running those Michigan jewels

[update: after a huge mix up, this beer was NOT brewed by Oddside] this beer has some insane story behind it, and the beer itself is just as incredible. So [redacted] made this 5 gallon batch of barrel aged (? Wtf 5g barrel? Chris Klein?) black currants black raspberries and blackberries. On paper it was like some degenerate VSB second cousin.

It was only given to employees but photos surfaced and people started calling Grimm asking about this awesome new Grimace beer with Run the Jewels on the label and Grimm was like what the shit are you guise talking about. Everyone had a good laugh except grimace whose image was appropriated and TTB gives zero fucks about him so all was well. 

The beer itself is god damn delicious and exhibits waves of grape fruit leather, Malbec dryness, a sort of Syrah tannic presence that commutes more acidity than berry but a lip smacking tartness to the finish evokes childhood cankersores resultant from sour ropes. No gurgle guts tho, and the Smuckers profile has been PRESERVED. Because, ah fuck it. 

The affair is complex and layered and I don’t even think this shit went into a barrel. Its like if you added citric acid to a delicate bottle of Rhone juice. You know on Sunny D commercials when the kids eschew the purple drink for the hazy orange juice Neipa, this is what those assholes passed over. I just hope ddb doesn’t get called in to work a shift at [redacted] since I got this employee bottle. Michigan is far AF and that’s where the filmed catfish, half the state is basically a Meadery and the top part is Canada’s Kentucky from what I understand. Notwithstanding, I would suck on Grimace’s swollen violet teets any day tho.

One thought on “[redacted] Grimmace, McDonalds is running those Michigan jewels

  1. holy shit, this was on sale at Best Damn Beer when I was down there in December. They had it listed at like $65 (shocking!) and I was wondering what the fuck it was.

    I bought a pizza instead.

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