Dominion City Sunsplit IPA, Canadians try their hand at the chowderhop game

Sunsplit IPA is the Mountie rejoinder to the chowdery hoppy revelry taking place south of the 49th parallel. As you would expect from our brethren north of the wall this beer is gentle, amiable and less offensive than the American iterations: true to form. This drinks closer to American NE Pale Ale, if we are splitting hairs, and the likes of Edward and creaturecomfortsbeer Automatic jump to mind. That is an excellent electron energy level in which to orbit. The nose is greyhound zest, blood orange, conifer and split kindling. Carb is pillowy and bordering on excessive but butresses the cumulus structure that leaves magnificent sheeting in cirrus citrus coils.

Taste is a touch thin with more of a lemony spritzer emphasis that drives up drinkability at the expense of depth. The polar opposite of the likes of “pale ales” like Zombie Dust steeped in alpha acids and crystal malts. If Live Oak hef scissored with Monkish, this would be the lemony smegma on the Radisson sheets. Very tasty stuff.

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