Monkish can lines signal the end of days

Monkish gave one hour notice on Wednesday at 3pm that people could buy a single four pack of TIPA: Biggie Biggie Biggie.

Thirty minutes later, three hundred and twelve (312) people were already in line. It’s like spec’ing a mage class to be able to summon unfamiliars, DPS to your alcohol license.
The people working at monkish stated that there are now people lining up on Tuesdays “for no reason.” Literally when they are closed, in hopes of  the silent announcement of a can release. Honestly I can’t provide a satirical verve on this when the reality of the current beer scene is self parodic.

Add some FFXV or 21 Savage references. This is too depressing to hitch a Narrative to.

9 thoughts on “Monkish can lines signal the end of days

  1. I think there’s fertile ground here for an eschatological narrative, considering the Monkish back story. I’m thinking something midtribbish, where after the current suffering, some are still left behind for more severe tribulation at the hands of the Beast, the uber-Cicerone…

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