Welp. That solves that Ancient One mystery.

In case you missed it, there was a fellow on r/beertrade who set up a pretty opaque auction, allegedly trading away Fremont Ancient One sets. A few days later I received this response

And I was mystified as to why Fremont would intentionally mislead consumers, or intentionally submarine their Ancient One set as essentially a regular bottle of KdS that had been aged in a cellar.

So I went back to this thread and saw similar bot type responses:


The author subsequently deleted all of the content and backpedalled away but not before Twitter grabbed the old ape pitchforks and stout torches:

Fremont remained a class act and was transparent throughout, exceptional interaction with all parties involved.

Then this apology followed:


And Fremont once again was extremely professional in addressing the matter:

So that’s it. Let’s leave it at that. There’s nothing else to be said about the matter.

In 2010 I once tried to trade four Kern Citras for a Kaggen. I have done far worse to the beer community. Let’s press on and focus on the real enemy: the price of El dorado hops is too damn high.

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