Beers4me reached out to old Subbydoo on twitter and asked to write a guest post for the DDB fan base.  These guest writer submissions almost always turn into a flaming 43 car pileup due to the DDB reader base, but, without further ado, here is the guest post!

In a city with Samuel Adams and Harpoon Brewery, it can be hard for a new brewery to make a dent in a beer scene with over 30 years of history. So when Dorchester Brewing opened the doors of their tasting room to the public this past weekend, it was quite impressive to see a full bar of people eager to try their offerings. I was fortunate enough to be one of those people, and let me point out what makes this new place awesome, why you should go, and why I will be returning.

The Beers

Let’s clear the air here, I’m a hop head. If I’m not drinking an IPA, I’m drinking a Double IPA, and if I’m drinking anything other than an IPA, well you’ve found a hell of a beer to get me to drink that. If you ask me, the best beer at Dorchester Brewing is the V1 Double IPA. My number one complaint with IIPAs is the heavy malt flavors that come with the higher ABV and distract from the lightness and drinkability that I love about IPAs. V1 Double IPA clocks in at 8.3% ABV but couldn’t strike a better balance with a heavy hand of citrus forward Mosaic hops.

What’s really impressive about Dorchester Brewing though isn’t the fact that I loved a beer I knew I would love. I had a flight with Savin Summer Stout and the Clapp’s Cream Ale on Nitro in addition to Mass Ave IPA and V1 Double IPA and walked away loving all of them. The Savin Summer Stout is a low ABV cocoa summer stout with Chinook hops and is extremely drinkable. Meanwhile the Clapp’s Cream Ale is a warm fermented, smooth bodied cream ale, and the nitrogen makes this even smoother and adds an extra creamy finish to this beer.

The Space

Dorchester Brewing is a hub for all things beer and brewing. Seriously, it’s an awesome place with a state-of-the-art facility that will build the Dorchester community and bring business back to the area. Sounds like a sales pitch, I know, but the place is actually really cool with food trucks and food vendors out front on their picnic table communal patio and a big open tasting room inside centered around a multitude of taps.

Behind the bar lies the sign of a true brewery, brew kettles and mash tons with beer being made. As you’re ordering your beer and seeing it poured, you can see back into the brewery where the magic happens. Speaking of pouring the beer, the bartenders are extremely friendly and love talking about the brewery, the beer, and to provide recommendations. I had the pleasure of talking with Sean about Dorchester Brewing and he was happy to provide me with tastes of the beers and was excited to share what was on tap.

Learn More

Dorchester Brewing has some great events lined up that you can check out on their website http://www.dorchesterbrewing.com and they are open Wed-Sat from 11:30am-11pm and Sunday from 11:30am-9pm. They’re closed on Monday and Tuesday, but you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with what’s going on.

Whether you’re a new beer drinker or a beer aficionado, if you’re looking to find the right beer for you visit www.beers4me.com to learn more about how a beer consultant may be an affordable way to start drinking beer that you love.”


  1. “In a city with Samuel Adams and Harpoon Brewery…” Wtf did I just read? Guess those shipping labels don’t buy themselves.

  2. Is beers4me a cicerone? I’m willing to pay good money for someone to help me navigate the complex world of no2 cream ales, but I need to know they’re qualified.

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