Denver Beer Forums Will Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Beer Trading

Denver is full of the most laid back, Subaru driving, Vibram wearing, compost toileting beer traders in the game.  With legalized weed, high elevation, and immunity from Midwest Shirtlordery, the results in their beer trade forums have been fantastic.  Not unlike the home growing hot house lights, some of the beer for [basically anything] trades have pushed things beyond RARE CORAL (fn1, 2010 reference, id.) to a bold new realm.

Let’s take a quick look at what those kids have been up to:


That’s right, a crib and bouncy chair for porters and saisons, WELCOME TO THE BARTERLANDS.


“You’ll never guess what I paid for these tickets! No…you literally will never guess. It was a Casey Cut.  Oh that’s a beer.  Nevermind.”


TFW when u got all the dro ass seeds but no Casey joints. The thirst is real with these CO-ttonmouth Kings.


If you can’t be bothered to swap saisons for seeds, cut out the middleman and get str8 dro. Break them farmhouses down get these cones stuffed.


A quick peek into the Fall of Rome type of generosity in the Denver beer forums. Thirty. one. for. one.



Imagine how much weed that Troy Casey could be blazing if he just did these trades himself.  He would be ripping fatty milkers on his hop cone vape rig. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.


“This Untappd review doesn’t make sense, it just keeps talking about how dank Combos are and then complaining that Dominos takes forever to deliv- ah, Denver.  This makes sense now.”


“U can do so much porn on this lappy, make big cums, ISO saisons LMK”


I feel like a weed smoker in Seattle would be all over this one. What’s the Griffey to Cecil Fielder ratios?


There’s so much to take in that I can’t even present any Buzzfeed shit tier commentary, it is glorious. Just look.

Then he gets called out for the qual of his rosin.


There are no words.

Beer Trading is on some next level shit.  St. Louis only has maximizing secondary values, but Denver traders are taking shit to some dystopian madmax open air Bazaar levels.

Enjoy your memorial day weekend knowing that this exists.

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