Moonlight Lunatic Lager is a fantastic dortmunder. How often do you get to say “fantastic dortmunder?”

I have a soft spot for a well made dorty. It is low key the best beer that Short’s makes, the Great Lakes version slays as well, and this might be the best I have ever had.

If you’re n00bing it hard, Moonlight brewing is not the meadery and actually they have been embroiled in a trademark dispute with those haters for a few years now. These are the Bay Area ballers that made the best Pilsner of all time: Reality Czech. I am not kidding. So if comes as no surprise that this dorty just crushes on many levels.

Aside from being beautiful with those brassy amber “petrified mosquito” Jurassic park tones, the nose is a gentle and subtle massaging of cut lawn grassiness and a cornbread sweetness that never swerves into the DMS lane. There’s a light minerality to the end of the nose like pumice that lets you know ur gonna drill this up in ur mouth no Novocain.


The taste is exceedingly refreshing with a watery mouthfeel, light bittnerness and fast swallow that makes pilsners seem hefty by contrast. The faintly herbal aspects make a dryness to the swallow the warrants another sip. The middle body of this beer has a light ritz cracker sweetness to it and you could drink gallons of this without pause.

In a world obsessed with barrel aged everything, 1.040 FG and ph 3.0, this is a marvelous example of how hard it is to tread with nuance and subtle intent. Moonlight thrives in this zone and brews like they have come straight from 1993.

Because they did.


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