Mad props to my buddy Danny for making me this ultra trill Sabin coaster as a housewarming gift. About to Bum Rush this double fuzzy baby ducks growler right quick.

Double Fuzzy Baby ducks and some custom Final Fantasy Six merch. What a time to be alive.

But what about the beer? This isn’t some manga stroke fest, if you want some 16 bit fap material this site will just make it take longer.

So on the face of things, abv, ibu, ICU, maltCU’s: this looks nominally double. It’s like if someone referred to their Camry as a DOUBLE COROLLA. Further damning is the fact that regular ass Fuzzy Baby Ducks is already so so so good. So why even bother with the QUASIDOUBLE? Well if you didn’t like the Societe-esque wiped out body of the original, this has a touch more of a two row ritz sweetness but nothing like the OG east coast malt bombs, just more “structure” if I were to cop some Som jargon.

The nose is intense in the realm of trillium’s finest and this beer stomps [politically correct]Bot to a degree that makes you wonder why this isn’t NeBco’s standard offering. It is lovingly danky but not to an off putting degree, the line between fragrant garlic and fresh kale is a good delineation for this boundary. Lemongrass and tangerine pith make this a weird hybrid between Kern Citra and prebuyout Nelson. If you have had both you know how hard this makes your hoppy uterial lining shed.

The taste has a heft that I don’t enjoy as much as the regular duck tales. It’s a weird trade off like when you spec a character in western RPGs or I guess MADDEN CREATE A PLAYER if you need hand holding. Both are totally equal and completely exceptional. I might give it to the original by a hair for sheer scary drinkability but these are easily amongst the best in their respective styles.

If you enjoy a lightly syrupy mouthfeel, a blast of chinook, simcoe (?) Amarillo (?) and citra, then you will love this. I hate even trying to identify the hop blends because there’s always some dipshit who points out the “errors” in a flavor profile. Chard and ruby red grapefruit with some arugula underpinnings, there you fucking go.

No one will even try to trade for this. Why do I even bother? Oh bother.

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