Saint Archer Tusk and Grain 2, Cutting Up Rails of Coco White, Flaky White Bags of Mounds

In terms of “craft beer” all of those post-acquisition breweries are easy targets for DDB.  I have the support of grassroots consumers, cicerones, and other brewers to beat up on the quasi-corporate offerings and everyone has a fun time.  The problem with beating up on this Saint Archer beer: it’s really fucking tasty.  That really puts a wrench in the gears, I have all these yukyuks prewritten and they turn out this delicious coconut blast of Almond Joy shells that hit my chest like rock salt.

That is no fun.  Big craft shouldn’t be making compelling offerings, that makes my job way harder.  Alright fine, time to load these guys down with some frustratingly-earned praise: Tusk and Grain 2.


With all of this Floridian frenzy for Snowed In, Last Snow, Snow bunny, offwhite Snow, Nascar Snow, et al, you know other people were gonna ride that prop train.  The issue with most coconut bangers: they either cost too fucking much or are inaccessible to the point of almost not being worth it.

This is damn near as good as Coconut Resolute, but knowing this is Saint Archer you will probably be able to scoop this up at AMPM with a rollerdog


The body is a touch less viscous than Prop 13 or Snowed In, but has more sheeting than Coconut Resolute.  The good news is, the oiliness from those white flakes are not ratcheted back at all, it is absurdly coconut in a “bae is conditioning her hair” sort of way.  It offers up waves of whipped fudge, Almond joy, and almost Yankee Candle levels of quintessential coconut.  There is a certain sweet waxiness from the lipids on the finish that I ain’t even mad at.

The water profile is a touch too hard and it finishes too clean for what could have been a lingering focus on the barrel character, a pitfall that Sante Adairius falls into.  The barrel character is muted simply due to the absurd fleshy coconut profile, a similar trap that Coconut Eclipse fell into. When considered as a whole, this is a very good beer and is head and shoulders above the “pretty okay” Tusk and Grain 1.  I have no idea what this costs, but that odd “psuedo bomber” 16oz bottle is an optical illusion that fucked with my liver expectations.

If you want highly drinkable, sweetly greasy, Hawaiian Tropic handjob romps down the candy aisle, then here you go.  I would not skip this one if you see it at retail and this is even worth firing up the Fedexbux for, it was irritatingly delicious and derailed all my predictable punchlines.

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