Analsmith Tart lil devil, port wee heavy, cask kau speedway, nitro speedway. Lists. Ordinal and Cardinal.

Tart lil devil: basically a Brett addition to their already ho hum BPA. The hops with the light lemon is mildly thirst quenching but comes across like vegetable water Gatorade. This certainly isn’t their wheelhouse, and that’s fine. 

Port barrel wee heavy: I loved the bourbon version of this and this treatment adds complexity at the expense of enjoyment. Sure you swap out the caramel candy store faux barleywine aspects but in return you get figs and currants, plum and red berry finish. It bruises the awesome malt profile and, while more interesting, it’s like a tinder date with a level 5 vegan: there is no meaningful future for this fascinating match.

Cask kau speedway: this is the first treatment since Vietnamese that has outright wowed me without qualifier. Speedway treatments can get derivative or samey but this Long long nestle quik cocoa powder finish feels straight from the tin, dust plumes and bakers chocolate. The cask wipes out the mouthfeel but increases the incredible smoothness and silky residual oils from the coffee. I really hope they bottle this, ow lawd.

Nitro speedway: same shit different day, speedway with that tiny microbubble that works so well like a well crafted mocha. I don’t have shit to say about this. Yahreaddyknowwhatdiseiiiiissss

Honorable mention: robust porter, while you can regularly find me giving dome shots to Edmund Fitzgerald as the greatest classic porter, this toes the line as a largely overlooked gem. Clean without being watery, light roast with a huge flavor blast of malt and pumpernickel. Shit bangs.


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