Live Oak got a canning line: prepare for Texas speedboat fatalities to skyrocket

Live oak has been around forever, turning out beers that seem anomalous in the current market: clean, delicious, traditional Germanic riffs, with no barrel program. NOT EVN A FUKN BAVARIAN KOELSCHIP. I reviewed the inimitable live oak hefe back in 2011, when it used to hover around in the Ba top 100, when that was a thing. WE USED TO RENT TAPES AT BLOCKBUSTER.

Now they have a canning line so I don’t need to plead for two liter Pepsi bottles full of wheaty cream. The good news is: the hefe hits buckets from deep outside like some banana and clove Steph Curry. Triple plate clutch, call it ACT.

The bad news, the Pilz has gone to shit:

That’s not to say that this beer was some mind blowing entry from the jump, it was traditionally and rightfully overshadowed by its orange slice laden brethren. Something in the canned version seems….off. Instead of that crisp bisquik and Anjou pear, this has a weird faintly metallic meets watery butterfinger thing that, while I want to pull the DMS alert, it isn’t quite that either.

The Skoal dipping Phish Phan literati that reside in Austin don’t read this site. So I won’t harm that 512 demographic, but the long and the short is that you NEED to land some hefe cans. At this point there is no reason you are depriving yourself, let the self flaggelating discourse cease already, the wheat awaits.

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