Sante Adairius Lucybelle, the silent saison sleeper snipinguc


It is not secret how much I love Sante Adairius’s wild and saison game.  While their hoppy and maltier offerings leave something to be desired, no one can approach the awesome things that they are doing with clean, complex, crushable farmhouse beers.

So what is this shit?
“A brilliant and calming sunset; the eternal ebb and flow of waves crashing on the beach; a dog’s smile-all of these the simple complexities of a life lived well. We constructed Lucybelle, a straightforward saison with Brettanomyces, to complement life’s little pleasures. Crisp, dry, and doggone refreshing, we hope Lucybelle reminds you to slow down, relax, and take in the mystery and beauty of being.”

Tl;dr basically a more substantial brett table beer.

This beer specifically is hilarious because it is one of their “worst” reviewed beers and it evidences the specific bias when rating a brewery’s own catalog against their own body of work.  If a brewery in Indiana released this, we would never hear the fucking end of it. This stands on its own as a phenomenal clean driller not unlike the also phenomenal Lady in Grey:


Lucybelle has this thin, agile character to it that does a roundoff back handspring while throwing lemony musky shuriken with deft accuracy.  It is both a touch too thin but also compelling in how satisfying it is to take those big swallows like bukake B-roll footage.

If you want to dip your toe in the SARA tide but have shaky knees with the Cellar Only offerings, this would be a great start.  It is basically a thinner, muskier, lightly acidic version of Avril, if you aren’t at half chub at that sentence, check your pulse.

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