Casey Fruit Stand Chardonnay Grape, dat pillow soft Temptation

The most slept on recent release from these Casey boys has got to be these wine grape deviants. I can only assume people saw the reviews from the meh GRAPE fruit stand and lumped in these new offerings accordingly. That’s about as dangerous as lumping in bottle works XI with bottle works X.

The biggest takeaway from these gems is the soft, compliant, lightly acidic, down comforter tannic execution. Sure it’s the fruit stand in heart but it isn’t the simple AWA fruit territory that, at this point, is as well tread as refined alabaster. This is like temptation placed in a rock polisher and all the intensity has been rounded off for a lacquer smooth “post Brazilian wax” finish. The grape never is cloying nor does it come across like a group of buttery chard loving ex-sorority girls validating the shit out of one another: it feels authentic and intentional.

The mouthfeel might be the best aspect and, in a realm of samey, heavy handed American wilds, this deft and deliberate posturing makes Casey lovingly shoulder with Sante Adairius and Hill Farmstead as the poised purveyors of 750mls you simply do not want to share.

Mfw dudes tryna cop new Casey bottles w bourbon county

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