Monkish here’s a little story I got to tell about a table beer style that I know so well

Alright so let’s say the ideal of this style lies somewhere in between Avril and side project saison du pays. Let’s say you have some acidic outliers in the degarde realm and some other undesirables with flabby bodies from other fly over states.

This is the tip of the spear, a prism of those characteristics, excelling at none of those shortcomings, but also have no clear faults either. 

The good: exceptionally clean and perfectly dialed in, carbonated Gatorade, salinity and lemon rind like a flawless farmosa

The meh: spritzer pelligrino nose, lacking complexity or depth, no real esters, safe execution

The bad: watery body, exceptionally riparian closer, lacking the creamy depth or world class iterations 

Overall verdict: fuck yeah, drink this. If you love the degarde Petite XXXXX line, then hammer this. Don’t expect some Jester King revelation, but FFS, this shines in a genre where it is easy to fly under the radar and just hit the mediocre benchmarks.

Mo den ight 

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